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Hydrogen Roadmap

Initiatives, Programs, and Policies

December 2020

Nothing new to report in this period.


November 2019

The Liquefied H2 carrier ship: the H2 tank has been loaded:

The largest electrolyzer started operation, in the presence of Prime Minister of Japan.

Also a new Toyota Mirai, driven by Prime Minister is shown in the public for the first time:
https://www.meti.go.jp/press/2019/03/20200309003/20200309003.html (in Japanese)

Technology Development Strategy for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, September 18, 2019:

  • The strategy stipulates specific approaches to develop technologies to achieve goals set in the Strategic Road Map for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. In the strategy, ten related priority areas in three fields are identified to promote technological development. The strategy also put emphasis on regular evaluation of the technology development projects, importance of matching user-demand and technological seeds, and enhancing collaboration with overseas countries.

Research and Development

December 2020

A new research and development program to promote innovation of fuel cell technologies and versatile use of fuel cells has been launched. This program is managed by NEDO and the total budget for FY2020 is around 5.25billion yen. 46 projects has been adopted and started from this September.

___________________________________________________________________________ June 2020 Research and Development project for FC has begun in NEDO. The public offering closed March 2020, and the result will be presented in the end of July.

Demonstration, Deployments, and Workforce Developments

December 2020

Nothing new to report in this period.


June 2020

The world’s first international hydrogen supply chain project, with the LH2 carrier ship launched in December 2019.

Opening Ceremony of Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) were held on March 7.

Events and Solicitations

December 2020

Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting Special Event was held on October 14th.

Investments and Funding

December 2020

Nothing new to report in this period.


November 2019 METI decided its Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Budget for FY2019 is JPY 60.2Billion.

Regulations, Codes & Standards, and Safety

December 2020

Related regulation was revised so that self-service hydrogen refuelling stations can be operated under remote monitoring.

___________________________________________________________________________ June 2020 Nothing new to report in this period.


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Reports & Publications

Nothing new to report in this period.

Member Statements

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