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mission & Purpose

To facilitate and accelerate the transition to clean and efficient energy and mobility systems using hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across applications and sectors. 

IPHE informs broad stakeholder groups, including policymakers and the public, on the benefits and challenges to establishing widespread commercial hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the economy.



Accelerate the market penetration and early adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and their supporting infrastructure.

Learn more about our work at IPHE


Share information, lessons learned and best practices among member countries on initiatives, programs, policies, and regulatory actions - including safety, codes and standards, to enable affordable and sustainable widespread deployment across sectors.


Provide accurate factual and unbiased information to policy-makers, including government officials at the federal, regional and state level, as well as to the public, students, industry and non-governmental associations.


Monitor hydrogen, fuel cell and complementary technology developments worldwide to help inform future government research, development, demonstration, and analysis activities.


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HISTORY & structure

The formation of IPHE was facilitated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2003 to foster international cooperation on hydrogen and fuel cell R&D, common codes and standards, and information sharing on infrastructure development. Originally organized as "The International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy," the organization changed its official title to "The International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy" in December 2009 (still abbreviated as IPHE). The Chair of IPHE is elected by IPHE members and typically serves a 2 year term, with the potential for renewal. Chairs have included: Canada, Germany, Japan, France, and the U.S.

Today, IPHE’s 22 partners share information and help facilitate multinational research, development, and deployment initiatives that advance the introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies on a global scale. This is achieved by IPHE's working groups: the Education & Outreach Working Group and the Regulations, Codes, Standards & Safety Working Group. Learn more about our working groups by clicking here.

Current Chair: Rebecca MASERUMULE, South Africa

Current Vice-Chair: Noé van HULST, The Netherlands; Yukari HINO, Japan; and, Sunita SATYAPAL, United States of America

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