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To better facilitate hydrogen and fuel cell education and increase the general public’s exposure to the hydrogen economy, the E&O WG is establishing an IPHE E&O WG Early Career Chapter, intended to promote international H2FC awareness, connect members with peers, mentors and potential employers and launch a collaborative platform for the next generation of H2FC scientific researchers, industry experts and government leaders. The IPHE E&O WG Early Career and Chapter is envisioned as a voluntary, non-binding extracurricular activity and does not represent the views of the international government members of the IPHE. 


Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and early-career professionals from all IPHE member countries. 

      Member Benefits Include:

  • Opportunities for leadership and career development for members 

  • Connecting with other young professionals interested in hydrogen

  • Becoming a part of a network of members and professionals in the field


  • Promoting awareness of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

  • Sharing information on current research and activities related to hydrogen

  • Increasing international exposure and creating awareness of hydrogen research and opportunities  

  • Sharing information on hydrogen and fuel cells curricula and educational resources through collaborations with other organizations

  • Providing feedback to the Education & Outreach Working Group on outreach efforts conducted through the chapter

  • Partnering with university centers on educational hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives and programs

  • Establishing a social community of young professionals to meet regularly



 The E&O WG identifies the following areas of activity as potential focuses for the Youth Chapter:

  • Meeting regularly to discuss and share information about hydrogen and fuel activities

  • Introducing chapter members to high-level officials and partners in the hydrogen and fuel cell economy through formal events, conferences and summits

  • Connecting chapter members with IPHE member country officials, scientists, researchers, industry professionals and policymakers through ongoing mentorship programs

  • Developing educational resources, materials and curricula for all levels of interest and audiences for institutional or public use

  • Conducting public outreach around Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day (October 8th) through IPHE digital and social media, events, demonstrations, workshops and educational campaigns

  • Electing chapter members to serve as a liaison, collaborate with E&O WG members on youth outreach campaign development and provide feedback on E&O activities

  • Partnering with university centers, think tanks and research organizations to collaborate on educational hydrogen and fuel cell programs, seminars and resources 

  • Holding regular events, such as poster sessions, infographic competitions and career panels, that are open to all students regardless of ongoing involvement with the chapter

Operational Structure

The Chapter will be operated by a Chair and Co-Chair to be selected by the members by majority vote. The Chair will serve a 1-year term beginning on Hydrogen Day (October 8) with the intent that the Co-Chair will transition to Chair. More than one Co-Chair may be selected. 


Other functions, roles and responsibilities include:

  • Outreach Liaisons for specific stakeholder groups, including universities, industry/trade associations

  • Communications Coordinator will handle the chapter email, social media, website and serve as the person of contact for the chapter

  • Regional Coordinators will serve as the communications and recruitment point of contact for a specific region or country

Meet the Members

Stephanie Azubike


Stephanie Azubike is a PhD candidate in the Applied Science & Technology Program at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She is currently interning at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office where her work focuses on hydrogen production from nuclear power and the status of electrification in autonomous vehicles. She serves as Chair of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) Education & Outreach Working Group (E&O WG) Early Career Chapter.

          : chinazor.azubike@ee.doe.gov

Priya Buddhavarapu


Priya Buddhavarapu is a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently interning with the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office as a communications and outreach intern. Earlier this year, she helped to create and implement IPHE’s Student Infographic Challenge, a competition for secondary- and undergraduate-level students that is designed to expose the next generation to the topic of hydrogen and fuel cells. She serves as Co-Chair of IPHE E&O WG’s Early Career Chapter.


          : priya.varapus@gmail.com


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