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Membership Benefits

IPHE provides clear value to its members and serves as a unique government-to-government organisation facilitating and accelerating the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across the world. 

IPHE member countries share information, lessons learned and best practices on initiatives, programs, policies, and regulatory actions.  All member countries come together at the semi-Annual Steering Committee meetings, work together throughout the year on issues of mutual interest through Working Groups and Task Forces, get access the “Members Only” website with materials and presentations, policies and information of member countries, and much more.

The IPHE offers a one-stop forum for governments, industry, academia, NGOs, and the public globally to access information and educational resources.

As a member, your country is part of an organisation that is on the leading edge of making the hydrogen economy a reality.

To Join


Applying countries need to demonstrate:

  1. A substantial, long-term resource commitment to hydrogen and fuel cell technology research and development activities;

  2. A well-defined vision and national strategy to advance technology deployment and infrastructure development; and

  3. A commitment reflected in policies and strategies that effectively advance private sector development of hydrogen and fuel cells in the economy.

Members also commit to actively participate in the Steering Committee meetings and in at least one or more of the Working Groups or Task Forces.

Please see the IPHE Terms of Reference at About the IPHE

To trigger the process, the Ministry responsible for the hydrogen and fuel cells should contact the IPHE Secretariat at: 

Why Join?


IPHE connects you to hydrogen & fuel cell government & community
We share information, lessons learned and best practices among member countries on initiatives, programs, policies, and regulatory actions - including safety, codes and standards, to enable affordable and sustainable widespread deployment across sectors. 


IPHE maintains the latest record of hydrogen & fuel cell status across the world
Twice a year, IPHE meets with member countries to discuss hydrogen, fuel cell and complementary technology developments worldwide to help inform future government research, development, demonstration, and analysis activities. These data are updated regularly and is available to members.


IPHE works with government all over the world to advocate for hydrogen & fuel cell
We provide accurate factual and unbiased information to policy-makers, including government officials at the federal, regional and state level, as well as to the public, students, industry and non-governmental associations that will enable the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells across multiple sectors.


IPHE has unique working groups targeting critical areas of hydrogen & fuel cell development
 IPHE’s 22 partners share information and help facilitate multinational research, development, and deployment initiatives through our two working groups: Regulators, Codes, Standards & Safety,  Education & Outreach, and also through dedicated Task Forces on issues of specific mutual interest to members.

Our Notable Achievements

Share Information

Provided guidance for developing methods to quantify GHG emissions from hydrogen production pathways with 10+ countries

Identify Barriers

Understand current global trading rules on hydrogen & carriers to identify potential barriers and provide recommended actions for large-scale hydrogen trade 


Provided guidance for developing methods to quantify GHG emissions from hydrogen production pathways with 10+ countries


Host webinars on country progress and focus topics such as ports, safety & hydrogen economy. Engage students and early-career professionals on global actions and opportunities.


Engaged multiple government officials to develop a hydrogen strategic plan

Foster Development

Launched the Early Career Chapter, a collaborative platform for the professional development of the next generation of H2FC scientific researchers, industry experts and government leaders

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