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IPHE Roundtable with Stakeholders

Berlin, Germany | November 2011


Throughout the world, governments and industry are currently preparing hydrogen and fuel cell (H2FC) technology for the commercial market.  Market preparation will be successful only through close cooperation: governments, industry and science must pool their strengths and draw public attention to the readiness of hydrogen and fuel cell-related applications and products.


On November 17th the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy held a special roundtable meeting with stakeholders in Berlin. The meeting brought together senior representatives from industry and IPHE country governments and gained insights from key stakeholders on the status of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, the progress made today, and the remaining commercialization challenges.  The discussion circulated around the role that can be played by the public sector to support industry's efforts, the potential of H2FC technologies, and what further steps need to be taken in order to integrate these into the global energy portfolio.


Below you will find the meeting agenda, a paper that outlines the purpose and content of this meeting, the meeting reports, and the presentations.





Welcome Address


Keynote Session



Panel 1 - Transport Applications



Panel 2 - Renewables & Hydrogen



Panel 3 - Stationary Applications



Summary Notes

Photos from the Roundtable Meeting
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