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10th IPHE Education & Outreach Event

Technische Universität Hamburg / Hamburg University of Technology | Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) is an international inter-governmental partnership whose objective is to accelerate the transition to clean and efficient energy and mobility systems using fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) technologies. It provides a forum for sharing information on policies and technology status, as well as on initiatives, codes, and standards to accelerate the cost-effective transition to the use of FCH globally. IPHE also informs stakeholders and the public on the benefits of, and challenges to, establishing widespread commercial FCH systems in the economy. The IPHE’s 18 country and 1 regional (EC) partners have committed to collaborating to advance the commercialization FCH technologies in an effort to enhance the security and efficiency of their energy systems, to help address environmental objectives, and, to grow their economies.


An IPHE Education & Outreach Event is organized in conjunction with the semi-annual meeting of the IPHE Steering Committee. This half-day event provides an opportunity for students to meet international experts and IPHE delegates, and, to exchange views and information on the developments in FCH policies and technologies including an overview of the current technical and market status of FCH in different countries. It also offers the opportunity to learn about research and potential employment perspectives.

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