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International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and Vehicle Development Forum

Shanghai, China | 21-22 September 2010


This forum invited government agencies, private companies and research organizations from key countries to present international activities in the area of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle development. The forum aimed to support individual countries in learning from programs and activities in other countries as well as to advance commercialization of fuel cell vehicles in the future through this information exchange. The participant list can be requested from the IPHE Secretariat (

Workshop Report

Workshop Presentations 21st of September:

Session 1: Overview of Fuel Cell Programs in Key Countries/Regions


Session 2: Status of Fuel Cell Technology Development


Session 3: Hydrogen: Production Technology, Costs and Infrastructure Development

Workshop Presentations 22nd of September:

Session 1: Key International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demo Programs


Session 2: Energy and Environmental Benefits

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