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IPHE Forum Pretoria:  Increasing the Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy

Pretoria, South Africa | December 5, 2018

IPHE Industry Forum Pretoria 2018 Final

Countries are implementing policies and taking action to deploy fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) that meet their national circumstances.  Policy goals driving action includes security and efficiency of the energy system, addressing climate change and local air quality objectives, and, jobs and economic growth.


An approach to deploy FCH technologies is to do so in a cluster thereby providing a critical mass of consumption in various applications to make larger scale hydrogen production economically viable.  Examples could be at a major port facility or industrial operation with significant ancillary services able to use FCH technologies, or alternatively in a community that can generate sufficient demand through strategic deployment of fuel cell technologies. 


Another approach is to focus on niche applications that address specific needs, making use of FCH technologies competitive or near competitive with incumbent technologies.  This includes materials handling units, underground mining equipment, back-up power systems for cell phone towers and remote communities.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Understand the approaches by governments and firms in creating a FCH production and consumption cluster, and learn of leading niche applications of FCH technologies that are commercially viable in the market today; and,

  • Identify challenges, opportunities, and actions necessary to facilitate clusters to accelerating FCH deployments including: i) Policies, regulations, codes & standards; ii) Sharing information especially on safety and infrastructure issues; iii) Assessing the role of hydrogen in enabling a clean energy systems; and, iv) Communicating the engaging stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities of fuel cells and hydrogen.


IPHE Forum Pretoria:  Increasing the Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy

Session 1: Keynote and Setting the Scene

Welcome Address: Dr Sunita SATYAPAL, Chair of the IPHE: Enabling Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Progress Through Global Collaboration

Keynote Address: Dr Phil MJWARA, Director General, Department of Science and Technology


Session 2: Hydrogen in the Economy:  Industry Perspectives

Session 3: Funding Instruments

Session 4: International Perspectives  

There is mounting evidence towards the successful deployment of fuel cells through clusters or using the concept of a Hydrogen Valley (HV).  This session will present examples where the cluster or HV concept is being considered or applied.  Speakers will present the cluster or HV concept from their countries’ perspective.  A question and answer, and then group discussion will follow the presentations.

Session 5: Moderated Discussion

Panelists and Audience addressed the following points:

  1. The cluster concept applied to South Africa?

  2. Potential partners?

  3. Policy frameworks to support development of a cluster?

  4. Infrastructure requirements for the success of the cluster?

  5. What are the funding mechanisms for such a cluster?


Panelists and Audience considered the following themes:

  • Coordination on Regulations, Codes, and Standards

  • Information Sharing and Joint R&D with focus on Safety and Infrastructure Supply Chains

  • Analysis and Evaluation of H2 Across Sectors on Meeting Economic & Environmental Objectives

  • Communication, Education, and Outreach

Closing Remarks: Dr Phil MJWARA, Director General, Department of Science and Technology
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