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IPHE Hydrogen Safety Forum: 
22 June 2021

IPHE Safety Forum 22 June 2021
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This Forum provides information on hydrogen safety and the resources available to all jurisdictions.  This includes Institutions that are leading on hydrogen safety issues, international collaborative initiatives sharing information on hydrogen safety measures, and where one can go to get better informed on the latest developments related to all aspects of hydrogen safety.

Expected Outcome:

  • Better understanding of the international systems in place that are supporting, researching and continuing to improve hydrogen safety in production to transmission to use.


Focus of Discussion:

  • What systems are in place to help ensure that industry and citizens can handle and use hydrogen in a safe manner?

  • How are the safety measures developed – what is the process?

  • Where can one find information on hydrogen safety from the basics through to what needs to be considered in putting hydrogen projects in place?


18:00    Welcome and Introductions

Forum Moderator:   Laura HILL, Safety Codes & Standards Technology Manager, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, Dept of Energy (DOE), United States (U.S.); and, Co-Lead, IPHE Regulations, Codes, Standards, and Safety Working Group

18:05    Speakers:  


Head, Centre for Energy and Major Hazards, Health and Safety Executive, Science and Research Centre, Buxton;

President of International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IAHySafe);

Task Leader on the European Hydrogen Safety Panel.

Chris LaFleur

Program Lead

Hydrogen Safety Codes & Standards

Sandia National Laboratories




18:35     Moderated Question & Answers

  • Extended discussion taking questions from the Audience

19:30     Close of the IPHE Safety Forum

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