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IPHE Regions Forum: 

Hydrogen Valleys - Policies and Actions at a Regional Scale

2 December 2020

IPHE H2 Valleys Forum 2 Dec 2020
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2 December 2020:  Regions Discussion - Hydrogen Valleys Forum: Policies and Actions on Hydrogen at a Regional Scale


The purpose of the Regions Forum is to learn the latest strategies and policy initiatives from leading jurisdictions, gain insights into the issue and approaches by leading practitioners of the Hydrogen Valley/Hub concept through practical actions on the ground.


Expected Outcome:

  • Clear understanding of the strategic vision and actions by policy makers leading to robust hydrogen valleys; and,

  • Insights into actions and key issues in implementing “hydrogen valley” related initiatives and programs in regions across the globe.


Many international hydrogen initiatives recognise that a key next step in the acceleration of the use of hydrogen in the economy is leveraging current assets with new technologies in regions creating a “hydrogen valleys” that makes large-scale use of hydrogen fully sustainable. 


Mission Innovation Renewable and Clean Hydrogen Challenge focuses in part on the “hydrogen valleys” concept, a city, a region, an island, or an industrial cluster where several hydrogen applications are combined together into an integrated hydrogen ecosystem.  Consumption of a significant amount of hydrogen and the coverage of the entire value chain offers a pathway for scaling up of hydrogen production, transmission, storage, and use.


The International Energy Agency made a number of recommendations to the G20 to increase the momentum in hydrogen including taking advantage of existing industrial ports to turn them into hubs for lower-cost, lower-carbon hydrogen, use existing gas infrastructure to spur new clean hydrogen supplies, support transport fleets and corridors, and establish shipping routes to kick-start the international hydrogen trade.


Many countries and regions are taking action on the “hydrogen valleys” concept in their regions.

Forum Moderator:  Tim Karlsson, Executive Director, IPHE Secretariat


Welcome: Opening of the Forum – Purpose, Focus, and Expected Outcomes


Overview: Insights in Developments to Date and Road Ahead

Patrick Child: Deputy Director General, Research and Innovation, European Commission, and, Co-Lead of Mission Innovation (MI) Innovation Challenge 8 (IC8).


Insights into the latest policy developments related to Hydrogen (H2) Valleys as part of national and regional hydrogen strategies especially from the MI perspective.


Insights from Leading Hydrogen Valleys

Markus Kaufmann: Senior Project Leader, Competence Centre Civil Economics and Infrastructure, Roland Berger


Provides initial insights from more than thirty H2 Valley initiatives that Roland Berger is analysing as part of the H2 Valley Platform initiative supported by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking under MI: IC8.

Presentation of Hydrogen Valleys:  Leading Examples of Actions Underway

Presentation by lead proponent of the H2 Hub providing insights into:

  • Rationale for the H2 Valley

  • Approach to Building Consensus on Actions

  • Issues identified in moving forward on the H2 Valley

  • Insights based on actions taken and underway

  • Next Steps and Medium-Term Plans

  • Recommendations to others exploring H2 Valley in their Region

Hydrogen Valleys

  1. Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands:  Randolf Weterings, Business Manager, New Business Development (10min)

  2. Port of Los Angeles, California: Jacob Goldberg, Environmental Specialist (10min)

  3. Orkney Islands Hydrogen Project, Scotland:  Neil Kermode, Managing Director, European Marine Energy Centre (10min)

  4. Upper Spencer Gulf Region including Port Bonython, South Australia:  Nick Smith, Executive Director, Growth and Low Carbon Division, Department for Energy and Mining, Government of South Australia (10min)

Moderated Question & Answers

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