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Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Market Development Forum

Gwangju, Republic of Korea | November 2, 2016


There is significant progress in the commercialization of fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) products with hundreds of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and over 150,000 combined heat and power (CHP) units in commercial use today. This is the start of the transition from traditional energy and transportation systems to clean systems using hydrogen as an energy vector. This event brings together leading industry and government representatives working to increase the adoption and integration of clean energy and transportation systems. The focus was on views on the development of the commercial market using FCH technologies, and the actions needed to support further deployment to meet sustainability objectives.

SESSION 1: Vision on the Commercialization of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
SESSION 2: Emerging Hydrogen Infrastructure
Guest Speakers
SESSION 3: Commercialization of Distributed Power Generation
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