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Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmaps
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Initiatives, Programs, and Policies

The government’s goal is to be technology neutral and for the last few years, or since 2012, there has been strong tax incentives in Iceland for ZEV – i.e. no taxes at all, not even VAT. Currently a new strategy paper is being introduced to the government which emphasizes that these incentives and technological neutrality has to continue as a goal. The current suggestion is to have a quota on ZEVs that is a tax-free environment until there are a certain number of ZEVs on the road, or a timeline, which could be 2020 - 2022. Final decision on the action and taxation strategy for all fuels, fossil or non-fossil, is expected in 2017.

Research and Development


Demonstration, Deployments, and Workforce Developments

In 2018, three hydrogen-refuelling stations (HRS) will be built in and around Reykjavik. A minimum of 25 cars will be deployed in 2018 with the HRS. The aim is to increase this vehicle fleet. Discussions have started regarding potential bus deployments following the initial vehicle fleet with one of the HRS built with dispensing capabilities for buses. All hydrogen will be produced via electrolyser using renewable energy.

Events and Solicitations

Icelandic players just hosted an event in March officially launching the H2ME project in Iceland (see 3 above). Icelandic companies are also active in the Nordic Hydrogen cooperation – lead through the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway project. Jointly the Nordic countries will host a Nordic Hydrogen conference and the next planned conference is in Iceland – autumn 2018.

Investments and Funding


Regulations, Codes & Standards, and Safety




Member Statements

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