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iphe FORUMS & workshops

IPHE has established an effective operational structure to facilitate international collaboration and coordination among its members, relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. Members share information on policy and technical developments that have helped inform subsequent initiatives implemented in member countries. Beyond sharing of national approaches, the IPHE has held a number of workshops, bringing together more than 600 experts from over 25 countries, to identify opportunities for hydrogen and fuel cells as well as challenges and how to address them. Examples of topics include:

    • Energy Storage

    • Smart Cities

    • Fuel Cell as Backup Power for Telecommunications 

    • Energy and Transportation Systems — A 2020 Perspective

    • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Pathways to Clean Cities — A Stakeholder / Government Dialogue

IPHE also organizes an on-going series of workshops on hydrogen infrastructure to share information and identify key areas for collaboration and potential future government initiatives.

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