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2020 Student Infographic Challenge Results Are In!

IPHE’s Education & Outreach Working Group is excited to announce the winners & runners-up for the 2020 IPHE Student Infographic Challenge (SIC)! We received 13 entries from around the world. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. The judges were impressed by your hard work!

Below, you can view the infographics submitted by the winners and runners-up from both age pools.


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Winners & Runners-up Announcement

Click on each image to see the full infographic.

Jennifer Li

Westlake High School in

Texas, USA

United States_Westlake High School Jenni

Magsud Hasanov

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in Magdeburg, Germany


Ellen Ku

California Crosspoint Academy in

California, USA


Genevieve Moss &

Julie-Ann Hoffman

HySA/Catalysis Centre of Competence, Catalysis Institute, University of Cape Town, in

Cape Town, South Africa

05.21_S Africa-U of Cape Town_Moss & Hof

Disclaimer: The ideas expressed in the infographics do not reflect the state of knowledge and views of International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) and its members about hydrogen and fuel cells  

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