United States

Demonstration and Deployment

Hydrogen Demonstration Program Overviews

The United States of America has several active hydrogen fuel cell demonstration projects. These projects strive to demonstrate and validate the technology through real-world usage and data collection to compare progress to national and industrial technical targets:

Hydrogen Filling Stations (Nationwide)

Hydrogen Vehicles Involved in Demonstration Programs

  • 92 fuel cell vehicles
  • ~25 ICE vehicles (converted Prius H2ICE vehicles by Quantum, as part of the South Coast Quality Management District's "5-City" Project)
  • 13 active fuel cell buses (26 fuel cell buses planned by 2009)
  • 21 ICE buses

Stationary Fuel Cells

According to the U.S. Fuel Cell Council, approximately 2,000 stationary fuel cells are installed in the United States.

Demonstrations Involving Other Types of Fuel Cell Applications

The U.S. Department of Defense is conducting a fuel cell forklift demonstration at four defense distribution warehouse sites around the nation. The demonstration involves up to 80 forklift units and hydrogen fueling infrastructure.


DOE Hydrogen Technology Validation Overview

DOE/NREL Learning Demonstration Results and Publications

DOE/NREL FCB Technology Validation

FTA National Fuel Cell Bus Program

AC Transit FCB Program

SunLine Transit Agency

Santa Clara VTA

University of Delaware FCB

Additional Information

The U.S. DOT (Federal Transit Administration, FTA) and DOE also support and participate in the International Fuel Cell Bus Workshops. These IPHE-recognized events are held annually in locations rotating among Europe, North America, and Asia. The overall goals are to enhance information sharing on the status of FCB demonstrations worldwide; harmonize data collection and evaluation to maximize possible learnings; and to facilitate coordination and collaboration of research, development, and demonstration of future FCBs. A website is in development to provide general information and data sharing between participants. FTA funds the website and the organization/facilitation of these workshops through its National Fuel Cell Bus Program.

Last updated May 14, 2009